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Supporting New Mexico's Behavioral Health Collaborative
Participating Member Agencies: BHSD, CYFD, ALTSD

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State Agency Project Guides and Forms
Below are the most recent files available for download. 

NM SBIRT Supplements

Prevention Supplements

DCI  September 29, 2015

Note: Only those services in your SOW will be available for you to bill against. If you have questions or feel a billable service is missing, please let us know at

HLQ/DCI Demos - English   May 26, 2016

HLQ/DCI Demos - Spanish   January 21, 2016

Appendix A OSAP SPF Process  June 14, 2016

HLQ Interpretation  

Appendix B OSAP Synar   June 14, 2016

Appendix C OSAP Activities   June 14, 2016

SBIRT FAQ   November 21, 2016

SBIRT Reports FAQ   April 30, 2017

Compliance Visit (Blank)

Specialized Tx Request Form   December 23, 2015

Enforcement Visit (Blank)   

Merchant Education (Blank)   

Specialized Tx Request Guidelines   December 23, 2015

Youth Participant Registration 

Critical Incident Reporting

Critical Incident Reporting

Critical incident reporting for non-Medicaid constituents
As of July 1, 2017, all CIRs for non-Medicaid constituents should be faxed to State of New Mexico Interagency Behavioral Health Purchasing Collaborative using a new CIR form and fax number.